Canadian Soaring Team

The 2018 FAI World Gliding Championships will be held on July 8 – 21, 2018 in Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland for the 15m, standard and club classes, and on July 28 – August 11, 2018 in Hosin, Czech Republic for the 18m, 20m and open classes.

Canadian Team members for the WGC in Poland are; Sergei Morozov, flying the ASG-29 XG in the 15m class. Łukasz Szczepaniak, flying the ASW-27b 2W in the 15m class. Krzysztof Wiercioch, flying the SZD-55-1 M2 in the Club class. Team Captain for Poland is Jarek TwardowskiJerzy Szemplinski will be representing Canada at the 18m event held in Czechia flying the ASG-29 XG, the Team Captain for Czechia is Marian Rakusan.